Alumni Network


Objective of Alumni Network

Get financial support from alumni for development of core elements of institute.
Boost the career of the students with unique opportunities from prosperous alumni across the globe
Bring unique professional and personal insights to students with wisdom of alumni
Celebrate the outstanding achievements of the illustrious alumni who bring honour to the institute
Grow the prestige of institution with alumni endorsements among their social and professional networks

Alumni Hand

The institution has a registered Alumni Association under the Societies Registration Act (Registration No. MAH-449/011)

The Alumni Association of the institution contributes to the development of the institute by the following means:

  • The Association helps the Placements Cell of the Institute to provide active assistance to place the students of various programmes of the institute.
  • The Association also helps in identifying the Internships opportunities for the students.
  • The Alumni also regularly provides the students with Live Projects.
  • The members of the Alumni Association are invited as Guest speakers in the institution.
  • The members of the association have been helpful in mentoring the students by providing Career guidance.
  • The Alumni association also help the students of the institute to undertake Research projects in their organizations.
  • The members of the association also participate as Resource Persons to various Academic Events organized by the institute.
  • The members of the Alumni Association have played an active role in preparation and Validation of Certification Course Syllabus as well as contribute as Resource persons to these courses.
  • The Institute also currently has 5 members of the Alumni Association serving as Full time Faculty members in the institution.