Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research (DAIMSR), Deekshabhoomi, celebrated the 3 rd International Yoga Day on 21 st June, at 10:30 a.m. at its college premises. The session was conducted by well known Yogaachaarya Kedar R. Joshi (Vedic Counsellor) The session was titled as “Tasmaat Yogi Bhavaarjuna” (To bring out the hidden potential of the students through integral personality development). Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi stated that, “The benefits of yoga for students can be manifold. It makes students limber and flexible, helping them remain fit. Regularly practicing poses also helps students to concentrate better and train the body to do things unconsciously”. He started the session by telling how to pronounce Yoga. He told the management students about the relations of Yoga and economics. He further stated that out of the various asanas such as siddhasana and padmasana are the most important ones. At the same time he cautioned that practicing Yoga without taking appropriate measures might be harmful for the body as well. He highlighted the importance of Yoga for maintaining a healthy lifestly even in this busy world and demonstrated easy to perform asanas for the students’ day to day practice. He also promoted the measured intake of diet. He also demonstrated asans for one of the most common problem i.e. back pain and belly fat. He also suggested the appropriate tips and timings for diet so that it will better facilitate the students in maintaining their health. At the end Pranyam was demonstrated with Anulom and Viloma which helps to experience instant peace and blissfulness and also helps purify the blood and respiratory system. The session was highly appreciated by all the staff members and students specially by the director of the institute, Dr. Sudhir Fulzele who stated, “I am really impressed by the knowledge and demonstration skill of Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi and his assistant Dr. Nilima Ray (Physiotherapist) and I would now practice Yoga daily.”