Tree Plantation and Cleanliness Drive

Tree plantation and Cleanliness Drive carried away by DAIMSR student and faculty under NSS activity as on 14th July 2018. These activities were carried out in a Mangrud village located near Nagpur.

Students of BBA and BCCA (NSS volunteers) participated in the event. The main objective of this drive was to make villagers aware about the importance of plantation and cleanliness. The faculties and students of DAIMSR planted trees in the village. Under the cleanliness drive they educated the villagers about how to dispose garbage and convert it into compost. They also encouraged villagers for building and using toilets.

These activities were co-ordinated by Prof. Kothiram Girsawale with the permission of Gram Panchayat Mangrud. Sarpanch Mrs. Vishakha Bhagat and Panchayat Samiti Member Mr. Nandagawali Sir co-operated in carrying out this event.