AABHA 2018 organized by Woman Empowerment Cell & ICC

AABHA 2018: Personality Development and Grooming Session at DAIMSR, Nagpur

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research organized "AABHA 2018: Personality development and Grooming Session for women”. DAIMSR organizes women centric Programme “Aabha” in each semester for students. This year the programme was conducted under the banner of Women empowerment cell and internal complaints committee (ICC).

The event began with the welcoming of the Guest Mrs. Madhumita Gubre (Mrs. India Multimedia and Fitness trainer) and Mrs. Monika Bhagwagar (Managing Director of Paper Edge) from Nagpur.

Mrs. Madhumita Gubre has given different mantra's on how to keep ourself healthy, fit and presentable as per corporate world. She says, "when your passion becomes your profession then only you can reach up to your goals" She address the students regarding importance of healthy diet, exercise, dressing sense, skin and hair care. She motivated the students to give at least one hours for yourself from your busy schedule for any physical activities in form of dance, sports, yoga and meditation etc.       

Mrs. Monika Bhagwagar taught the students to absorb the negative things and observe the good and positive things around and always be updated, in short "absorb and observe". She motivated the students to see their goal and passion with positive aspects and be update yourself. She says “accept the way you are and try to improve every day. Self development is continuous process.” In this way they both have conducted sessions on the topics of personal grooming, body language and problem solving skills.

In the second half of this event Mrs. Rupali Ganguli has witnessed various activities among the four sections of students from Nalanda, Sachi, Patliputra and Ajanta. Team building games such as musical pair, dance activities etc. were conducted.  Students displayed excellent teamwork and passion during the games. This event was organized by event incharge Prof. Chetana Soni and other co-ordinator of the women empowerment cell Prof. Pallavi Badre, Dr. Rashmi Gupta, Dr. Ruhi Bakhare and Dr. Pallavi Sangode. Semester I and III student’s in-charge also contributed in executing this event.