We at DAIMSR try to arrange many events to encourage our students to bring out their hidden talent and give them refreshment from their mundane routine.An event was organized by RED FM a leading RADIO CHANNEL as on 31st Aug 2018which provided a platform to the students to showcase their talent which normally does not get highlighted in daily routine of the college.

BBA, BCCA and MCM students participated in the event with zeal and enthusiasm. The outdoor event “COLLEGE KE TASHANBAAZ” was all about acting, dancing, mimicry and stand-up comedy created an exuberant atmosphere in the college and also boosted the confidence of the participants.

Apart from studies, students came to know each other and their self-talent,which generated a good and healthy competitive environment in the entire college.The activity was full of joy and entertaining for all the students, as well as for teaching and non-teaching staff.

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