DAIMSR has always believed that all the fun and no play made Jack a dull boy. Hence in order to welcome the newest members of DAIMSR a fresher’s party was planned by seniors of BBA at Centre Point Hotel, Ramdaspeth.

AAGMAN - 2019 the fresher’s party was a fun & frolic event planned by seniors in order to welcome their juniors. The day started with fun events and game which were organized to make them feel at ease. The students gathering was later on addressed by Dr. N.M. Kulkarni Associate Director DAIMSR who shared his pearls of wisdom and stressed upon growing importance of skillset engagement to be more world ready. Previous batch students were acknowledged for their consistency and regularity.

Mr. & Ms. Fresher event was also planned to test different facets of personalities, in which Yash Tiwari & Medhali Sharma prevailed and  were crowned as Mr. & Ms. Fresher Respectively

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