DAIMSR Alumni Meet 2K19: Where Time Rolled Back

DAIMSR organized alumni meet on 2nd November 2019. All the past batches who visited the campus were quite happy to mingle among batch mates seniors and juniors. Some alumni used the platform to share their experience with their juniors. Memory lane was on overdrive as everybody was seen discussing the college years and hours they cherished. Dr. Nirzar Kulkarni (Associate Director DAIMSR) welcomed the alumni to their alma-mater and encouraged them to keep coming back. Everybody had gala time while meeting all their friends and teachers. Sharing of memories and interaction was followed by a wonderful dinner. Alumnus left the college with newly formed friendships and rekindling of old memories while promising to meet again. Dr. Nirzar Kulkarni (Associate Director, DAIMSR) praised the organizing team -Dr. Pritichhaya Tamboli (In charge Alumni Association, DAIMSR) and other faculty members for their efforts and success of the event.

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