A distant memory … reigniting the alumni meet 2k20

This year alumni meet was distinctive and unique not because it brought long lost friends together but it brought them online at a time when the world is standstill and is still finding its feet to getting back to normal. The meet was attended by all the faculty members who adhered to all norms of social distancing. The alumni meet started with Address of Dr. Nirzar Kulkarni (Associate Director, DAIMSR) who addressed the meet on behalf of Director Dr. S. S. Fulzele and shared his pearls of wisdom. The meet though held online could not dampen the famous DAIMSR spirit. All the alumni were greeted by a group dance by Simran Bansod and team. The opening sequence was followed by poetry recitation by Pawan Baraskar ,a nostalgic video and song dedication by Shahdab Siddique after which all participants enjoyed sharing memories. Alumni like Anand Ghyawanwar and Vivek Hawre from Canada, Pratik Andulkar from Dubai expressed their views.

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