Aims and Scope

Acuitas is the Latin word which means sharpness of the vision. While meeting its high academic quality standards it carries an eclectic and diverse mix of papers from every field of management. Its objective is to disseminate knowledge of interdisciplinary research and cross-functional issues.
Acuitas - The journal of Management Research (ISSN: 0975-9564) is a bi-annual journal of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, Deekshabhoomi Nagpur. It is a peer reviewed National journal. Addressed to management practitioners, researchers and academicians.
Acuitas aims to engage rigorously with practices, concepts and ideas in the field of management, with an emphasis on providing managerial insights. The journal is an, academic endeavour, committed to encouraging research in the management field.
The journal provides the forum for the dissemination of new ideas and innovation in every field of management.