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E-leap, the Entrepreneurship Centre of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, Nagpur, has been established by a group of innovative students of the Institute to create a homogeneous group of enthusiastic youngsters who share a common ambition that is to ‘Make it big’. The horse in the insignia of E-leap signifies the strength, endurance and loyalty that each of its members resonates. The thirst for success and the undying spirit of creating an Enterprise, which they own and nurture is the force behind E-Leap. Innovation and Value creation is the heart and Soul of this Centre, which is fuelled by young and creative minds. Functioning in teams, sharing ideas, nurturing self and growing confidence is what the members of E-leap achieve each day through variety of activities and engagements. E-Leap believes in dreaming big and achieving bigger.

Since every individual has different theory of achievements, we at ELEAP, work towards winning   all these theories and for instance we have achieve these all.

ELEAP, is recognized as one of the leading entrepreneurship cell in the city, starting every year business start-ups and running it successfully.