Joining hands: - A DAIMSR Gauravgatha

DAIMSR as an institute does no only believe in teaching the young generation but making the actual change by strong actions. DAIMSR fully aware of its social responsibility and like every year this year too DAIMSR decided to help the people who are leaving on the edge and struggling to fulfill their daily needs.Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, the livelihood of transgender people became very difficult. In order to help transgender people Dr. Monika Jain(incharge ISR)  approached NGO’s Gaurav who has been very active in this noble cause. Several students and faculty members of DAIMSR (west campus) contributed wholeheartedly for this cause.

Mr. AmitGoswami coordinated the entire event. The team visited ZingabaiTaklipuranibasti where several transgenders have been living for quite some time. The team spoke to them at length about their daily struggles, how people look down upon them and how COVID lockdown increased their plight.Ms. AishwaryaShambharkar greeted the DAIMSR team and helped to understand the scenario in much better manner. DAIMSR  Faculty members : Dr. Monika Jain, Dr. VandanaRao  and Dr. Mitali Gupta  and Students BadalWaghmare, BhaskarDwivedi, AshothoshDhankar, Nasreen Khan, MuskanManikpuri, VaishnaviBahre and AjinkyaBagdedistributed essential kits as helping hand