DAIMSR conducted ISR activity

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research is fully committed towards its Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) giving it back to the society. Following the legacy, the students of BBA, BCCA and MCM decided to help the society in whatever little way they can. After due deliberation and considering several places in consultation with the activity in-charge Dr. Monika Jain and Dr. Saket Bansod, Matoshree Vridhashram was finalized for one day ISR activity. Matoshree Vridhashram houses almost 75 old residents near Adasa.

A team of 20 students volunteered to come with the core team of students and teachers. It was decided that the team will be donating bedsheet and essential toiletries to each individual resident of the vridhashram. Volunteers collected donation from students and teachers who were much willing to donate for such a noble cause.

On 17 th March 2019 volunteer students and teachers visited the place. While the team DAIMSR visited the Vridhashram a team of doctors in association with Lodge Trimurty no. 294 was having an eye and dental checkup camp at that place as well. After coordinating with the caretakers, students distributed the pre-decided gift packet and sweet amongst the residents of Vridhashram. Students also helped doctors in carrying out the checkup. The residents were really happy to see so many youngsters visiting them they felt overwhelmed and joyous. The infectious smile on their faces while interacting made our day.

All students thanked Faculty in-charge and management of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research for giving them a platform to experience the joy of giving.

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