Library resources are used to augment the teaching learning process

The library has more than 24,500 books and more than 65 journals and periodicals. The library committee of the institute looks after the purchase of books and journals every year. The Library committee collects the requisitions for the purchase of books from the members of the faculty at the beginning of every semester to augment the basic resources for teaching-learning process. There has been an addition of 800 books/reference books in the past five years, upon the requisition received from the faculty members.

Teachers and students can also access journals as well as periodicals that the library subscribes to. The libraries also houses separate computer terminals with internet facility specifically for the students.

Apart from this, there are subject libraries, which are enriched by procuring new books and supplementing the stock from the main library. The departmental libraries also maintain project reports, and Ph.D. dissertations, research journals and reports. Study material such as notes, question banks, magazine/ newspaper cuttings and reference books are also available for the students. Students and teachers have 12 hours access to all the resources available in the main library. Students make use of these resources for their assignments and reference work for projects/dissertations.

The Institute has two large libraries spread over an area of (1903+2666) 4569 sq. ft. The library is well furnished and has large spaces to provide for reading area. The Library is also equipped with terminals to search for the books and journals available in the library. The library is also wi-fi enabled and also provides the facility to browse the Internet to search for Online resources. The Libraries have over 24500 titles on a variety of disciplines and also has many e-journals and research databases.

Library as an information resource center for the researchers

The institute provides the following facilities specifically for researchers:

  • Access to various national and international e-journals, research articles and abstracts through subscription to online databases like DELNET, and other open source databases.
  • The Institute also has subscribed 72 national and 51 international journals which are available in reference library.
  • Researchers are given the permission to use the library facility of sister institutions.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi are available in the library.
  • Books are issued for longer duration for research work.
  • Photocopying facility is available in the library.
  • Old project works are preserved in the library.
  • Latest books and e-journals are procured every year as per the guidelines of AICTE / UGC and the University.

Usage of Library Resources

  • The library operates for 11 hours in a day in order to promote the usage of all library resources. (9:00 am to 8:00 pm)
  • The Faculty members of the institute are permitted to issue unlimited number of books, journals and other reading materials which ensures maximum usage of all available material with the library.
  • The User-Id and Password of e-resources is made available to every faculty for its access and use from any available work station.
  • Students of the institute are provided ‘Book issue Card’ with which every student of the institute is permitted to obtain a limited number of books and journals for personal reading.
  • An adequate amount of reading space is provided in the library for students to access the reference material within the premises of the institute.
  • An online catalogue search of the library helps the users to search for availability of the desired titles. In case the student does not find the desired titles in the library catalogue, s/he can order these titles by sending request through the student’s representative in the LAC.

Special facilities offered by the library to the visually/ physically challenged persons

  • Lift & Wheel Chair to and fro the Library.
  • Reading Assistance for visually handicapped.
  • Book returns Counter on Ground Floor for convenience.
  • Priority Services for all Library facilities.
  • Reserved Seating arrangements.
  • Extended period of access.
  • Personalized assistance for search and issue/return of Library resources.